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Shirts as we all know it, are a timeless and essential part of any man’s wardrobe. Before we start, I’d like to go on record saying that I am 100 per cent a shirt man. Some guys prefer t-shirts, some guys (God forbid) prefer vests, but when it comes to my own personal preference, I just don’t feel complete without a shirt on.

If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you will know that I’m a huge fan of simple, classic and versatile pieces of menswear; the type of clothing that forms the foundation of any successful capsule wardrobe and can be mixed and matched together to produce a wide variety of timeless looks. For those just starting out on their journey to becoming a well dressed man, this approach will ensure you look always appear stylish, no matter what the occasion or scenario.

‘Indian Threads’, a hugely promising homegrown Indian shirt brand, aims at doing just that and helping you build a wardrobe that consists of a shirt for every occasion. Indian Threads shirts are hand crafted at their state of the art facility in Indore. The skilled operators use single needle construction to ensure clean finishing and durable seams. Collars are fused with high quality interlining to achieve a fine balance between volume and pliability. Much attention is paid to both, the provenance of their raw materials and craftsmanship.

So we decided to go through their entire collection and find 3 versatile pieces that we personally would recommend. Below are the 3 looks we put together with 3 of their best shirts.Look 1:

Here, I have chosen a black shirt with subtle white ditsy detailing. Personally, I love the ditsy trend. The print just amps up the whole look. Perfect for parties and late night events, this shirt definitely will definitely make its presence felt.

Look 2:

The second shirt we picked is a blue printed shirt with an interesting panel. Looks dynamic and would be perfect for lunches and semi formal settings. We teamed it up with black trousers, they would also look great with khaki chinos or white denims.

Look 3:

This one is my personal favourite of the lot. The dark royal blue looks extremely suave and the subtle white detailing adds a corporate vibe to the whole outfit. Perfect for any work setting, this shirt would provide a solid first impression in any scenario.


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