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The Best New Menswear Pieces to Buy Right Now by The February Boy

by admin / Saturday, 13 August 2016 / Published in Mobile

Blogger Shakti Yadav of The February Boy

Our favorite pieces from the latest drop including Printed shirts, plaid shirts to reboot your style.We round up the items that have gone straight to the top of our wish list this week, featuring INDIAN THREADS.

Contemporary thinking on plaid tends to lie in one of two camps: those who see it as simple, stylish essential, and those who denounce it as a sartorial symbol of that shudder-inducing neologism, the ‘hipster’. So what makes the plaid shirt so enduring? How does one wear it, and wear it well? If you’re unconvinced, let this be an easy-to-follow illustration of just how useful this wardrobe staple can be.




When on the lookout for the right plaid shirt, INDIAN THREADS recommends focusing on fit, color and a certain level of authenticity. So regardless of having a lot of crisp alternatives to look over both at the high and low finishes of the casual wear, Indian Threads offers great clothes that suit every individual.

IMG_3296 post 13

IMG_3294.CR2 post 9

The broad, cross-demographic appeal of the plaid shirt has allowed it to straddle all ends of fashion, particularly giving risk-averse men a chance to experiment – even if only slightly – with their day-to-day style. Indian Threads is a pioneer in men’s fashion. their style is magnetic, and their shopping experience is easy and affordable. With great attention to detail and uncompromising quality, they work tirelessly to make you look good. But it’s also the plaid shirt’s relative simplicity – as compared to many modern-day trends in menswear – that connects it to the core values of men’s style.


Well-worn guidance to ‘wear prints in summer’ is dubious, as well as lethargic. Menswear is all things considered, inundated with a large number of various prints and examples that envelops everything  from food packaging to the animal kingdom and INDIAN THREADS comes with all those options.

IMG_3270.CR2 post 5

IMG_3267 post 14 IMG_3256.CR2post4

The key to wearing pattern is to keep everything fairly simple – if you’re opting for a patterned shirt for example, frame it with grey trousers or a suit to make the print pop, you can wear it with a suspender as well to make the look interesting , make sure you’re not wearing a without belt with it.

IMG_3274 post 6


Red is one of the primaries on the colour wheel and can be created by any number of individual colours of light. Once these wavelength get longer, you are moving into in-fared territory (beyond red) – which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Based on it’s position in the colour wheel, the colors that compliment it well are blue and green tones, whilst a great contrasting colour would be yellow. It also works very well as an accent when placed against blue trousers, pairing it with a BOW TIE would look great.

image1 (4)

IMG_3237.CR2 post 1



IMG_3253.CR2 post 2 IMG_3247 post 3Bearing this mind, there’s no limit to the items you can own in shades of red from INDIAN THREADS. You can have a variety of hues in your wardrobe from black, blue to burgundy. If you are unsure of how to introduce red into your wardrobe, start off small and work your way up. With the autumn approaching quickly, why not invest in some dark colors, they will go great with the loafers  that you have been waiting to break out  and look even better when paired with blue trousers.




Final Word

Finally – for those who are really confident in their style – you could take a nod to one of this season’s biggest trends and invest in something that will make you happy. Think you could be the next INDIAN THREADS Charming? Or prefer the one block-colour role ? What are your favourite versions and what do you like to wear it with, for that you need to check out the wide range of clothes. Explore more at

Blogger Shakti Yadav of The February Boy

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